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I’m a copywriter and self-professed story fanatic. I love juggling words and creating unforgettable narratives for brands.

A few words from me

Hey! I’m Liv - a 23-year-old copywriter from Bromley, South East London. 


Writing has been my constant from a very young age. Endless hours were spent crafting stories and poems, and I dreamed of a future filled with words and ideas. 


Learning that copywriting existed changed everything.


Two agency placements (and frustration that my advertising minor didn’t give me enough briefs to crack) later - there was no doubt in my mind that this was the career for me.


I wedged a foot in the door of the industry in 2021 without a typical advertising background, and have been a part of its wonderful world ever since.


I have worked as a community manager and social creative for The Corner, as a copywriter for ZEAL, and have freelanced at St Frank's and Haygarth. I am now a copywriter at Initials CX.


Aside from writing, I love spending time by the sea. I also

have an unhealthy obsession with cats.


I cannot wait to see what else this adventure has in store

for me. 


A few words about me

“I mentored and worked alongside Liv at The Corner London. She’s living proof that hard work, wins. As well as her evident writing talent and unparalleled ability to turn her pen to any brand voice, she’s an infectious personality. Anyone would be more than lucky to have her in their team. I hope to work for her someday.”

Max Lom-bor, Copywriter at BMF Sydney

“I loved working with Liv, as did the whole St. Frank's team. During a brief but intense spell of collaboration, she conjured up a pitch-winning idea for a veterinary brand, "wrote" umpteen viable EVPs for an NHS Trust, and crafted some lovely, cheeky, salesy headlines for Britain's no. 1 telco. She isn't just a naturally gifted copywriter, she's also charming and conceptual - a personable ideas machine with a BIG future ahead of her.”


Jamie King, Managing Partner at St Frank's 

“Liv is a super-talented creative and a breath of fresh air. She's a great writer with tons of personality and a flair for playful language. She's naturally conceptual, quick-thinking, and passionate about what she does. What a joy to work with!“

Lydia Harris, Senior Creative at ZEAL Creative Limited 

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